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vladimir putin is number one. he knocked off u.s. president barack obama, down to the number two spot. obama is followed by chinese president xi jinping. we go russia, america, and china. german chancellor angela merkel rounds out the top five. fascinating stuff. michele mccoury is in new york city. it thinks are watching her, thanks for watching us. we will see you tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute 
a good program. i think what we need to do is give this obama care, give it a chance, cool down, let it get going, let's see what's going to happen at the end of november. they've got to fix this glitch, but i do think that more people will be covered. you're hitting the uninsured. you're helping the uninsured. i think what we need to do is calm down, unified and see if it's going to work. >> wait, wait. democrats drove part d. we talked about that when i was a member, and newt was the speaker. it was the market orientation that i would argue has made it so successful. that was the example where republican and democrats sitting down. the problem with obama care, it was one party, one control, no -- no reaching out to a lot of good bipartisan ideas that were available. the historian is right here, but let me ask you, mr. speaker, name another significant monumental public policy vote in the history of this country passed with not one vote. very few. >> very, very few. >> that's why it has no goodwill today. >> i want to argue this, but i know you have more to say. >> it's an interesti
was secret until monday, when one of the women let the word out. >>> president obama sitting down today with the nation's newest senator. former newark mayor cory booker will be sworn in on capitol hill this afternoon, after winning a special election to replace the late frank lautenberg of new jersey. now, booker will then head to the white house to have a private meeting with the president. >>> and if he gets there after dark, take a look at what he's going to see. the white house is orange for halloween. and it's decorated with spider webs and pumpkins. the president and first lady welcome trick-or-treaters there tonight. >> that looks really great. yesterday, "sesame street's" elmo and rosita paid a visit. they helped the first lady and some schoolchildren harvest vegetables from her garden. >> very nice. local kids and kids of military families will be welcomed by the white house. very exciting for them. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >>> sounding the alarm. an eye-opening report is once again bringing attention to concussion risks for young athletes. >>> plus, a sexting scan
sciutto reporting for us this morning. >>> still to come in "the newsroom," the obama care website down again this morning. it's back up now but why did it crash yet again? and how can we be sure your information on this site is secure? cnn's lori siegel joins us next to explain. >>> ahead in "the newsroom," are you kidding moo he?, after being down all day yesterday is back up this morning, but it was down for a time earlier. seriously, why isn't anyone fired over this? >>> plus gouged at the gate, we all know airlines nickel and dime you for almost everything. we now know how much they're making off you. trust me, you'll want to sit down for this one. ♪ ♪ cause this is thriller >>> what would halloween be complete without "thriller"? these kids in washington know how to do a mean michael jackson. "the newsroom" continues now. ♪ killer thriller >>> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. sadly the obama care website was down again this morning. it's back up now, but it certainly leaves you zraching yo scratching your head. even after tha
not changed that much. it's even split on how they feel about it. obama's numbers have gone down because he hasn't been straight with people. now he is not willing to come forward and saying this was not entirely what we expected or if we did, we didn't tell you what was going to happen. i'm sorry about that. here's what we will do about it. he is attacking people saying it's disingenuous that he told this as you can keep your plan and you can't. >> i had this theory that part of the white house hates the short attention span media. it played into it too much. why do you utter a line like that? . you are trying to deal with a political problem in the moment saying this is complicated and i can't answer it. he's a phenomenal speaker and he uses it to get support. things are messy as you know. if you are straight with them, this is going to take time. >> the public has patience. that's the irony of it. the public is saying let's see if you can fix this. >> i think that hearing yesterday will be forgotten about and this is not the issue. if they don't fix it, it will be all on obama. when you
're unhappy about being cancelled. plus, it is bad enough the obama care website was down even as the secretary was speaking today. we'll show you the security warnings. these are ones that are much bigger and a bigger story and involves your most private information which remains compromised and about which we have no promises. also, new york's police commissioner denied a chance to speak when some rowdy crowds shouted him off the stage. mayor rudy giuliani is here to react to the students at brown university who might need a lesson in the first amendment. ng when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. [ inhales deeply ] help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater
with the obama care website. i'm sure it was down so be sure to stick around. test test >>> that is a great song, by the way. i am very happy. good job, joshua. over 350,000 people saw the post and comments about what? we asked people what it was like for them when they went on the site. i'm going to read a fwreet someone who's happy. he said why did you ask for comments only from people who had an error? i had very little problems getting on the website. i'm getting all the answers that i need. my premiums are dropping for better coverage. i could not be happier. so there is one person in america who's happy. did you hear from anyone else? >> i helped put this stuff together. we asked for good, bad or ugly, just give us your experience. >> so what's wrong with good? >> no, we were fine and he sent one in but he accuses us of saying we were only looking for the bad ones, we weren't. >> we were looking for the good ones. >> do you think people really think you were looking for good one s ones? >> i don't care. we asked for the good, the bad -- >> most of them were negative. andrea,
. >> go sox. >> a celebration in boston and horror story politically. president obama faces an angry and fed up public in our new "wall street journal" poll. anger over the shut down and the break down of getting things done found its way to the white house. republicans are not doing any better. the party has terrifying numbers lurking outside their window as well and the leaders are bearing the brunt of the blame. plus, a house call. secretary sebelius sits down for apologies and caustic questions from congress. we will hear what the health insurers themselves think this is all headed. good morning from new york. happy halloween, it's thursday, october 31st. this is "the daily rundown." let's get to the first reads of the morning. it's halloween and boy, is it scary. the american public is mad at hell and they are not going to take it anymore. with the one-two punch and the health care debacle, they belt a devastating blow to washington and the parties and all their leaders. they describe the results as a shock wave. they will show how much recent events have sapped the american spi
romney care and obama care. in massachusetts, to boil it down, the group of uninsured was smaller and the enrollment was done in stages over a longer period of time, wolf. >> good report. thanks very much. >>> just ahead, congresswoman michele bachmann on obama care's failures. is she accepting secretary sebelius's apology today? >>> also obama care in the crossfire. our special coverage continues right at the bottom of the hour with newt gingrich on the right and van jones on the left. uncer] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. [ female announcer ] i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's y
down for a full day and a half. now there are signs the obama care debacle is taking a serious toll on the president's approval numbers as well. cnn's athena jones begins our coverage this hour at the white house. what's the latest over there? >> reporter: hi, wolf. well, obama care is getting a lot of the attention but the white house is in damage control mode on several fronts, facing sagging poll numbers and a second term agenda that so far, is stalled. >> i want to especially thank all of you. >> reporter: the president today trying to turn the page on a bad few weeks for the white house. >> i'm here because i want your companies to know, i want companies around the world to know that i believe there is no better place in the world to do business than the united states of america. >> reporter: what he can't ignore, his approval rating, sinking to 42%, an all time low in the new nbc/"wall street journal" poll. more than half of americans saying obama care needs a major overhaul or should be totally eliminated. >> there will still be plenty of time for people to register. >> repor
. >> obama care got you down. >> greg, i don't want you to be cran cranky. i don't want you paying for other people. i'm letting you. >> keep going. >> nothing. forget it. thank you. >> okay. new york city police commissioner has fought for our country, also helped prevent another terror attack on u.s. soil. why did he get a welcome like this at brown university? >> unbelievable. det details ahead. go check out our facebook page. five fnc. bob is still eating. five fnc. bob is still eating. fnc. bob is still eating. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] o
? the senator conveniently left out some major information. under president obama, deficits have gone down five straight years. the fastest drop since world war ii. down $409 billion since 2012. republicans are quiet about that, but they're still making stuff up about health care. >> what i want is the finest possible health care for america that we can have. we did have fabulous health care, and i think we can again. >> almost 50 million americans lacked coverage before obama care. and it was fabulous? when you're desperate for the president to fail, you really will do and say anything. well, we're not going to fall for it or let them get away with it. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott democrat from washington and msnbc contributor goldie taylor. thank you to both of you for joining me. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, some republicans want to pretend coverage in america used to be fabulous. i mean, how do you deal with that? >> well, you know, al, it's really tough when they want to argue with their -- they make up their own facts. if you look at the numbers out of
sector. >> i'm obama care. >> what are you doing down there snm down for a little maintenance. >> i don't understand. i work all the time. >> we want to hear from you. follow the show. vote online for the polls we have. we are asking should secretary sebelius be fired. vote we'll continue. liz cheney, bob beckel and andrea tantaros next. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. yes. cup your hands together for me. rub it all the way up your hands. any exposed skin. and get the backs of your hands too. put some just around your neck. [ bell rings ] you're good to go. okay great thanks, here. can you hold him? [ bell rings ] [ female announcer ] by their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. and new luvs with nightlock offer our largest absorbent area ever. they lock away wet
regulations that affect everyone else? that is the question of the day on capitol hill and coming down to the deadline. here is chief congressional core spontaneous spent mike emmanuel. the aids to leadership and committees can remain on their current plans. staffers should go on the obama care exchange. iowa senator says his aids are treated accordingly. >> i have had the personal office go to exchange. i've had the committee staff stay where they are. >> house speaker john boehner and majority leader canter will sign up for obama care. house lead per nancy pelosi told her employees they'll all go on the exchange. harry reid is keeping his staff on the federal program. >> i'm following the law as close as i can. >> most senator republican leadership is put on obama care even though gop voted against the law. that includes john beras that says all should sign up. >> they don't want their own staff to live under it? i think that's wrong. >> 92% say members of congress and their staff should live under the laws passed for the american people. 6% say there are times lawmakers should be gi
of insistence may be partly why he is not president. shutting down the government to repeal obama care proved to be a real debacle for the republican party, they were not able to repeal or de-fund the obama care in any way. since that debacle, the republicans have decided to change tactics, to hold hearings on why the law doesn't work better for more people. which is a great question, why is the law not working better? why are people getting conflicting information? all good questions. it is weird at a base level that the questions are being posed by the same group of people who shut down the law. if you hate it so much, why do you care whether or not it works? today, secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius testified before a republican house committee on problems with the rollout of the health care law. one republican congressman told her she was not in kansas anymore. another told her, he thought he saw her riding her bike in kansas when she was a child. it was a weird hearing. at one point, the secretary just said whatever. in the middle of an answer at a particularly badg
for starting your day with us. finally some apologies. kathleen sebelius taking responsibility for obama care. >> they are snapping back at congress as the day wears on. doug luzader is live to break it down for us. good morning, doug. >> more day another crash for the obama care web site despite what we heard from kathleen sebeli sebelius. >> the web site has never crashed it is functional but at a very slow speed and very low reliability and has continued to function. >> it has crashed and burned at least three times. it has been down the whole time we have been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> months leading up to the launch her colleagues looked us in the eye and testified that everything is on crash. >> sebelius had an answer for security flaws with the way the flig site and els personal data. sebelius did say the government spent $105 million developing this web site. that is a low figure based on the numbers. >> the president changing his tune during a speech in boston. remember when he said if you like your healthcare plan you get to keep it? that might be true but no
to allow the passengers to use those devices during takeoff and landing. >>> and obama care has cutbacks for part-time teachers down in virginia's school systems there, limiting the substitutes to no more than 30 hours a week and because they want to avoid paying for health insurance. now, beginning in 2015, the affordable care act will penalize the major employers that do not provise coverage for them who work 30 hours or more. that's if people just didn't see it coming. >>> and affordable care act is playing a role in the president's lowest approval ratings ever. that's according to the wall street journal poll, down about five points a little earlier this month. and that will also be a factor of that. >>> google is furious tonight about the report of the national security agency. and the google executive says that there will be an urgent need for the reform. as comments filed the washington post report based on former nsa contractor edward snowden. >>> well changes on the security clearance system for the federal workers could be in the wakes of the shootings. and they had a hearing o
this stadium riot. we'll show you the video and show where it all went down. it is happening now jon: but first on this halloween day the obama administration in what appears to be full-bore damage control mode trying to limit the political fallout over the botched obamacare website rollout. this as republicans step up efforts to delay parts of the president's signature domestic achievement. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: ironic we're talking about health care and we have halloween candy on set. is it allowed? jon: one day for the year. jenna: this is the day. happy halloween. i'm jenna lee. great to have you here today. the latest battle started on our air with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius facing a barrage of questions. republicans on the house energy and commerce committee covering topics from their problem-plagued website to other range of topics. secretary sebelius apologizing and taking responsibility for the failures. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, yo
was not shaked down because of his hair. for trying to sell the senate seat that was vacant when barack obama went to the presidency. and so corruption in illinois and in chicago particularly is very expensive proposition. it causes the taxpayers to pay $500 million a year more than they would have to otherwise. and money goes into contracts that are padded and it goes into ghost payrolling like you mentioned with calderon in california. it goes into all sorts of using government money for private burption. purposes. >> lining prie private pockets. the "new york times" says that even though we think it's pervasive it's rare. only 900 go to jail every year. given those numbers is political corruption as bad a problem as we all come to think it is. >> that is like saying skin cancer on your arm is a minor problem because it's only 1/20th of your body. the problem is that the corruption convictions are the tip of the iceberg. they are the people that get caught. and is the law enforcement people only have a limited number of resources. they can only go after a certain number. you wouldn't have s
anything to get rid of the bleat >> in the past couple of years, the city has knocked down 8,000 homes, and that was brought on by the administration, and we just learned a couple of weeks ago that the obama administration will also invest money here in detroit to make sure that more homes are knocked down. it's progress, and steps are being taken. >> thank you very much. >>> up next on aljazeera america, we head to one county in colorado where not one single resident has sandy up for the healthcare exchange. >>> and in california, on the investigation, the fbi sting that has targeted one state senator. >> social security payments will increase next year, by much. 1 and a half percent. it's money one of the smallest since 1970. >> >> and the nation's largest landfall is closing. 13,000 tons of trash gets dumped in puente his everyday. and people who live close by say it's a loud and smelly dump. the trash will now be sent 200 miles away to an area near the california-arizona border. >>> president obama he said that he takes full responsibility for the problems with he s
obama giving a stand down order. things that just did not happen. so, there is a real sensitivity and, unfortunately, in this tragedy and this horrific event in which four americans were killed, both political parties are reaching, are fighting and turning this into a partisan fight when it really shouldn't be. >> i mentioned a minute ago, you know, republicans raising the stakes with blocking possible nominations and senator graham even threatened to hold up confirmation of jennifer who is nominated to carry the federal reserve. is that taking it a little too far? >> well, just to be clear about the senate rules, one senator cannot actually block a fed reserve chair nominee. after that fed reserve chair nominee is officially nominated, senator harry reid, the majority leader can call for a vote. as long as it's only one or two or anything fewer than 41 senators, that nomination cannot be blocked. you need 60, 6 ovot0 votes from senators can bring the nomination to the floor. lindsey graham can block a unanimous consent. he can block that. one senator, two senator, two senators, that
rating had been holding up. but now, his positive rating is upside down at 41%, considering his negative rating at 45%. people in this country don't think the health care law, obama care, is a good idea. in our poll, 47% to 37% think it's a bad idea. finally, the republican party, they're not too popular either. 22% of americans feel positively about the party, richard. >> well, we know, tracie, who does have a high approval rating in washington, d.c., tracie pots! 100% here. that's right, bill and myself, we think you're number one. thank you. >> reporter: sure. >>> removal of chemical weapons in syria. they have destroyed all necessary ingredients. this come as day before the imposed deadline by national regulators. it means country no longer has the ability to make new weapons. syrian officials have not started getting rid of existing stockpiles. the country is believed to have 1,000 metric tons of mustard gas and sarin. >>> for almost four hours, lawmakers grilled hhs secretary kathleen sebelius. sebelius apologized saying she was accountable for the plagued obama care exchange rollo
than the shutdown. the economy is already slowing down, president obama will blame the shutdown but reality obamacare will do far more damage certainly long term. martha, you just outlined millions of people who had their policies canceled, maybe millions more to come. most of those people will pay a great deal more in monthly premiums and certainly deductibles, that is money sucked out of consumers wallets. many of these cancellations are going to small business owners. they have their cost structure go straight up. they will be hiring less. they will be expanding less. as i said it is already happening. number of part-time workers in the economy is growing. the number of full-time workers, people are not prepared to hire more than 50 full-timers. that affects hiring overall. the economy is slowing. this is happening the worst possible time, martha. martha: big implications on the hiring side clearly on that. also on the personal side, stuart, people are finding out, we'll have a woman later on the show who used to pay $200 a month for her policy. now she will pay $400 a month.
, these year-to-year ups and downs are not going to make a big dent in that $17 trillion. >> what about the unemployment rate, 7.2%, two points higher than when president obama took office, but still a lot of people out of work. >> absolutely. you heard the president in that speech that you had at the top. he was saying we've created 7 million jobs, our good companies have done that. well, there are 8 million people out there right now who work part time out of economic necessity. they need more work in order to make ends meet, but they can't find those jobs, whether because employers are nervous about having full-time workers or because of obama care, you know. there aren't enough good jobs to go around. >> so, does a speech like the one in which the president is giving right now and just wrapping up, does a speech do anything to help the economy? >> it doesn't seem like it. i mean, it doesn't -- what could it do? could it make businesses feel better and stronger so they feel more confident and they want to go out and hire people? probably not because they're looking down the road at u
gone down. of course, this is right after nawaz sharif met with president obama in washington. >> right after he reportedly told him to end the drone strikes. this revision of numbers coincidentally makes them closer to the cia numbers in terms of civilian casualties as well. >> let's go to another clip from your film, "unmanned: america's about the attack on a tribal meeting known as a jirga which was held in datta khel. you will also hear a stanford first, ansor and explanation of what happened that day. >> there were more than 40 people. >> they held the jirga at a bus depot in broad daylight. they had informed the military. the brigadier knew about the jirga 10 days in advance. his own army camp was 10 kilometers from the site of the jirga. was an open, public event that everyone in the surrounding area new about. so it begins in the morning at about 10:00. --er 20 minutes or so >> there is smoke and debris and chaos. people amounts of rushing to the place from nearby shops. >> that was another clip from "unmanned: america's drone wars ." could greenwald, if you comment on that segm
. >> you'll be there. >> president obama's popularity not faring well. this is amid the website fail uu uu failures. the rating at an all-time low. 42% of americans approve of the job he's doing. that is down 5% from earlier this month. 51% disapprove the republican party also at an all-time low. nobody comes out of this smelling like rose mz just 22% say they approve of the gop. 53% have a negative view. >> people still trying to logon to the obama care website, they saw the same frustrating mess e message, the system is down. even vice president joe biden says he didn't bother trying to log on because it was clear he actually wouldn't get online. but the site now back up later. the administration making a lot of apologies for all of the mistakes, all of these launch problems, since october 1st. >> i take full responsibility. >> i'm accountable. >> we apologize. >> i want to apologize. >> everyone's attacking responsibility, aren't they? kathleen sebelius telling a congressional committee she made a mistake when she told the president was ready to go for the launch. laurie
that president obama's approval rating is at 42%, lowest ever. president obama's signature legislative achievement, given the facts available today, is helping to bring him down. ed henry is live at the white house. the white house has expressed hope that it can get past these problems and quickly, ed. >> reporter: that's right. they're hoping the web site will not be something we're talking about in a few weeks. they made that mental to get it -- made that pledge to get it up and rung by the end of november, and would nothing more than to turn the page of that and focus on the substance of the law. jay carn yes, when i pressed him of the poll, suggesting the president's credibility is taking a hit, his approval rating down 42%, similar to fox news polling, at 41% approval, and specifically on a series of healthcare questions in the poll, suggested the law is becoming a little bit less popular and the president's credibility on the issue has taken a hit. jay carney says over time they hope to change the narrative because as more people get the benefits and see the positives, the think
president obama has complete confidence in the secretary. >>> swift action. nearly a dozen students disciplined, accused of cyber bullying. there have been growing calls for schools to crack down after a series of teen suicides across the country, including here in maryland. >> reporter: officials say school administrators were made aware of the cyber bullying incident on monday and by tuesday they'd taken action. 11 annapolis high school students not in class today. the group is accused of cyber bullying. officials say it started when one student photographed another without their knowledge, then texted the photo to other students with a di spatialing comment. it was eventually posted to social media. >> we face it very seriously. >> reporter: students say it still happens. >> i used to go to school with a lot of people who did that every day. >> it's a lot easier because you don't have to say it to someone's facement. >> reporter: a new law went into effect here in maryland that makes cyber bullying a minor a misdemeanor offense. it's called grace's law. she killed herself last ea
being told by wolf blitzer to dumb it down. that's not the game. playing good or bad. good or bad shall michele. good or bad! this is no anchor verbal tick. it extents across the network. >> president obama's request for a green light to strike syria adds a whole new dimension to the strained relationship with congress. let me start with you, david, good thing, bad thing? >> jon: should we attack syria good or bad, go! it's like the word went out from cnn hq. look nobody watches this network unless they are in the airport or going somewhere so 86 the professor talk and let the people know ask this story go in the happy bag or sad bag. emoticon me, chop chop! these people have planes to catch. everybody play as long, every except carol cos tello , the rebel. watch as she lets us know that the rabbit hole ooze an exit. >> obamacare the final showdown. the is u.s. supreme court could strike it down today or rule it uns constitutional. -- unconstitutional s. that good or bad? it all depends. the nfl strikes a deal with thousands of players. good thing? bad thing? some in the mid snl. >> jon
.gov website is down again. what an absolute fiasco. what is up? will it be the cure we are hoping for? how his party handled obama care doing too much for the country. the dirty job search and what he told glen beck about college education. >> to start your life 80 grand in the hole with your art history major or mid-eastern studies and not finding work, that's why you have to -- >> for that, he is supposed to be the mad one. that's for starters and sets the record straight live on this very show. return to the great sinkhole, one of my favorite guests. we will begin with the big story. obama care fiasco and the president apologized. everyone is apologizing and while secretary sebelius was apologizing and talking about the disaster, the health care website he was apologizing about was crashing. it was almost comical. the president took aim at republicans for trying to destroy his law. >> health care is complicated and very personal. it's easy to scare folks. and it's no surprise that some of the same folks trying to scare people now are the same folks who have been trying to sink the affordabl
now has held up, but for the first time that's upside down, as well, with 41% looking at him positively compared to more, 45%, seeing him in a negative light. and a lot of this now has to do with this troubled website. what about obama care, how do americans feel about it? 37% say it's a good idea, but more now, 47%, think it's a bad idea. republicans also taking a hit. their positive ratings for the party now at 22%. so bad news for republicans, bad news for the white house in this poll. >> all right. tracie potts, thanks so much. >>> now to the latest in sports from my friend richard lui. good morning. >> good morning. 76ers favorite allen iverson has formally announced his retirement. >> i'm going to always be a 6er until i die. i'm always going to be a boomer up i die. sglefs draft >> he was drafted in 1996. when he stopped playing in 2010, the game average over 26 points. the young 6ers team was led by michael carter williams and this powered up, heat come back with a steal. pass roger mason jr.. in the he said, 6ers upset the heat. remodeled brooklyn nets, at the end ba
with trouble surrounding the irs, syria and nsa have left president obama with an approval rating of an all time low. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds 42% approve of the job he's doing as president. that's down ten points from when he started his second term. right now 51% disapprove. for the first time in the survey the president's positive/negative rating is upside down, 45% to 41%. public pinto the gop has sunk to a new low. 22% see the party in a positive light. democrats fared 15 points better. those in the poll say they will vote independent in the 2014 elections compared to thele 28% who say they will vote republican. nicole. >> nicole, let's digest things here. president's ratings at an all time low. the republican party's approval ratings at an all time low in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. i don't see things getting better for either side coming out of the government shutdown and any republicans thinking they are getting a boost by the president's problems can look at these polls and others and see it's just not enough to be against their guy, republicans
makes it harder for them to accept this reality. they're saying it was the obama sequester and he caused this pain. but the sequester is what brought down this budget. the hard thing for them is they've repeated lies so often that admitting to reality, it's like election night itself, becomes very painful. they want to say this is a budget crisis and maybe longer term when you're looking at two texas down the road, you're going to say this whole system breaks. but if you've got a president who's willing to talk about some of the changes to calculations of social security, you've got a president saying we need to make smarter cuts but also need to have some stimulus spending to get those jobs back, then you've got to have someone o on the other side that's willing to face up to what the real numbers are. right now the republican party don't. >> federal employees are going to get their first raise in three years coming up in january. of course the gop play makers, they want them to pay more toward their benefits. why don't republicans realize what a bad idea that actually is. that these fe
. >> in washington the blame seems to be shifting from shutting down and enabling republicans to healthcare fumbling white house. in a new wall street journal nbc poll. president obama approval rating has dropped to 42% that is and all time low. 51% say they disapprove of the president's performance in office. and only 22% are ma happy with the-- >> million of retirees will see a slight increase of their social security checks next year. an average of $19 a moment. the automatic increase is one of the smallest in if years. >> lar i havharvey spears dallay i help you. >> harvey spears served 20 years in the u.s. navy before retiring to serve here as an advocate for a disabled rights group. >> some of them are barely surviving they live day buydy. by day. some of them don't have enough money to finish out the month. >> spears knows from personal experience how little social security pays. as a disan disabled vetd vet hee checks too. >> they are my livelihood. with the salary that i currently have. >> the social security benefits for the disabled and the nation's elderly >>> that calculation ignores re
in that question dating back to 1992. >> quite a poll. thanks for breaking this down, mark murray. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, the great and powerful putin. a freaky role reversal between the russian leader and president obama. "the cycle" rolls on. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happ
you are going to have them come down so quickly that as a steady equity prices in a hurry. if of -- lou: much more on the obama ecoy and the health care. >> translator. we are taking it up in the "chalk talk" with the "a-team." stay with us. the obamacare debacle worsens. a foreign contractors checkered past includes allegations of fraud, insider trading, and sexual abuse. and, of course, billion dollar contract from the obama administration. national review columnist with the exclusive details next. ♪ ♪ lou: on capitol hill today lawmakers took aim at the latest example of over the top agency conferences. in the spotlight now, the department of veterans affairs, the wasteful spending they're proving this is no longer an administration but a national lampoon misadventure in governance. lou: first we found that the general services administration spent 900,000 taxpayer dollars to draw a lavish las vegas conference. those were the good old days, weren't they? then we learned the irs racked up a $50 million bill for their conferences. nothing helps explain tax lot better
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